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Why study Computing?

Computing is part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum and is also available as a Key Stage 4 option subject.

The society and world that is developing in front of us is increasingly reliant on humans being comfortable with the use and understanding of computers. Not every single person will work in a directly related field but it can be argued they will be in contact with someone that is.

We are becoming ever more reliant on technology in every aspect of our lives. Many of the jobs that we have now will not be around in the coming years. Likewise, there will be jobs that don’t exist yet that will need to be filled in the future, with AI, robotics, automation and cyber security coming to the forefront.

With all of that in mind, it is imperative that you leave school with a good understanding of computational thinking and problem solving so you are prepared for opportunities that will arrive your way. You will find that there is nothing better than the feeling of success when you have solved a big problem, be it fixing a bug in your code, switching on your newly built machine or making a sprite in your game.

Computing can be hands on and it can breed resilience. It develops problem solving skills and it can open your eyes to the digital world.


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