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Why study Science?

Science is a core subject throughout Key Stage 3 and 4. Separate Sciences is also available as a Key Stage 4 option subject.

Have you ever asked the question “Why?” Science taps into the natural wonder of humans, to seek to understand the world around us. Everything we know from how did the Universe begin to how do trees reproduce is the result of scientific research and experiment. Through your time at the Heath you will go on a journey to answer these questions and more. You will also develop skills that will help you in life and your future careers even if you decide not to become a scientist.

Studying science will you give the skills to form opinions and back them up with evidence, it will help you make sense of a technological world which is full of data and information and it will give you the confidence to communicate your ideas.

Science is about solving problems from everyday life to global issues like climate change and disease pandemics. You could be part of providing solutions either through a science related career or just by understanding the challenges the world faces through the lens of science.

As we can look at all of the world around us scientifically, science is a very practical subject and you will solve problems hands on. “Which foods contain protein?”, “What could I use to neutralise a bee sting?” and “Which exercise transfers the most energy?” You will answer questions like these by doing investigations and drawing conclusions for yourself first hand. Hopefully you will stand on the shoulders of giants and develop the scientific theories of tomorrow!

Science Revision Resources