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Why study Photography?

Photography is available as a Key Stage 4 option subject.

Photography unlocks visual creativity in the 21st Century. If you love art, design, computers and images but have never got to grips with drawing realistically, photography could be for you. It encourages us to find and develop our artistic voice with modern media. Using current technology and up to date software we can experiment, take risks and produce truly personal responses for the digital world in which we live.

Through photography we explore observations, thoughts, opinions, feelings and ideas relevant to our lives today. We can explore the differing opinions regarding current issues, histories, communities, cultures and traditions from around the world and from different times through critical studies and plot a course defined by what we’re interested in.

Photography encourages us to be creative and draw from our own personal life experiences, identity, communities, environment, cultures, beliefs and opinions. We combine drawing and photographic skills with ideas and feelings and enabling the expression of aesthetically interesting visual artistic outcomes.

We learn about the different types of photography including portraiture, landscape, still life, documentary photography (…and photo-journalism), experimental photography and photo-installation photography.


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Year 11 - Photography

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