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Why study Physical Education?

PE is part of the Key Stage 3 and 4 curriculum and is also available as a Key Stage 4 option subject. For interested students, the PE faculty offers a wide variety of extra curricular options including boys and girls football Y7-11, netball Y7-11, rugby Y7-11, table tennis, fitness, and hockey Y7-11.

Physical education has a unique standing in the curriculum as you learn through the physical; it helps you to develop your skills, knowledge and competency to lead a healthy active lifestyle. PE supports your development in a variety of ways. Being active can increase your physical and mental well-being, such as increasing your cardiovascular fitness and reducing stress levels. The subject helps to develop your skills in a range of different activities as well as increasing your ability to problem solve, communicate and lead. There will also be instances where you will be required to show empathy, self-awareness, motivation and confidence.

Throughout the curriculum you will undertake a variety of different roles, which will involve working as part of a team, being an official, a coach and a performance analyst. All of the skills, abilities and experiences take place in a fun environment where you can share exciting and unique moments with your friends and peers.

The increasing variety of sport events, matches and tournament which are now accessible to you either in person or via the media provide opportunities for you to observe acts of physicality. These observations may inspire you to ask questions about how you can run faster or jump higher or what foods will make you stronger?

As you progress through the curriculum you will have opportunities to take further qualifications which will enable you to develop the knowledge and understanding required to pursue a career within the sport and/or leisure industry. You may aspire to be a professional athlete, coach, sport scientist, physiotherapist or performance analyst or you may wish to enjoy the camaraderie of being part of #TEAM HEATH.


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