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Character Education

The Heath is strongly committed to the development of our students’ characters: their knowledge of themselves; their participation in school clubs; their contribution to the school community; their place within the wider community and the service that they can give there. All of these are areas where we seek to provide our students with opportunities and support to develop themselves.

Extra-curricular activities

The school has a huge array of clubs, from sporting, to academic, to recreational. Take a look at the broad range of clubs currently on offer. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Speak to your Form Tutor or Ms Ward and we will see if we can provide it.

Volunteering and Service within the School:

Peer Mentors

At the end of Year 8, students can apply to become a Peer Mentor within the school. Peer Mentors work with students in Year 7, either in forms, or one to one to provide additional support. Look out for announcements and the application process.

Anti-bullying Ambassadors and Well-being Ambassadors

(all year groups)

Students are invited from each year group to become an anti-bullying or well-being ambassador. They meet termly to discuss issues around anti-bullying and well-being.

For more information, speak to your Form tutor, Progress Coordinator or Mrs Hayes.

CARE Awards

The school’s values are encapsulated in CARE: Cooperation, Aspiration, Resilience and Excellence. Students can recognise and celebrate their friends and peers who they have noticed doing something exceptional in any of these four categories.

Students complete a CARE Award nomination form on Class Charts. An certificates and rewards are those who are successful.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

In year 10 students can choose to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Bronze Award. This internationally recognised award gives students an unprecedented opportunity to grow their character. They will test their physical and mental resilience; develop their cooperation and leadership skills while out on expedition; learn new skills and give their time volunteering in the service of others.

For more information, follow the link to the Duke of Edinburgh website.

Student Voice

It is important that students have forums in which they can discuss concerns and put forward constructive ideas for ways to improve our school community. The Heath has a number of different ways in which student voice can be communicated.

Form Captains and Vice Form Captains

At the start of each year, each form elects a form captain and vice form captain for the year. These students are provided with training and support to fulfil their roles. Among their roles, they attend half-termly Year Councils.

Year Councils

Year Councils meet each half term to discuss areas of concern or development within the school. Form and Vice Form Captains discuss issues with their form and bring their ideas back to the forum. In this way, every student in the school has a say in the way the school is run and has an opportunity to bring about change. The school’s Junior Leadership Team attends and facilitates these meetings.

Junior Leadership Team

The Heath has a Junior Leadership Team, mirroring the school’s Senior Leadership Team. At the end of Year 10, students are invited to apply for a role on JLT. There is a rigorous recruitment process, involving the head of school, key school staff and the outgoing JLT. Once appointed, JLT receive public speaking training and play a pivotal role in the school, from presenting at the school’s open evenings, to leading tours around the school, to weekly meetings with the Head of School.