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Design Engineer Construct

Why do we learn DEC?

All around us are buildings: some are old, some are new. As time goes on more and more buildings are being developed, some older ones are being renovated others are being replaced. The construction industry is one of the most exciting and developing industries you can be part of and they are desperate for young people to study their industry and think about applying for careers with them.

Construction is not just the building out on site, it is the architects designing, the quantity surveyors calculating the amount of materials needed and the cost, the land surveyors, the lighting designers, the interior designers, the project managers… there is a vast range of jobs within the industry!

With modern technology we can now create model buildings which can be rendered to look realistic, in DEC we use Revit Architecture to bring buildings to life and allow us to be creative.

At the core of DEC is the environment, whilst studying DEC you will learn all about sustainability and you will create eco friendly buildings to combat may of the issues relating to the environment. You will explore how you can reduce your carbon footprint, you will investigate new eco-friendly materials and you will understand how you can reduce the impact buildings have on the world around them.