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Why study Dance?

Dance is part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum and is also available as a Key Stage 4 option subject. For interested Key Stage 3 students, we also offer an extra-curricular Dance club.

Dance not only allows you to have fun but develops key skills that will support you in your next steps. This subject will develop your communication and team work skills through the many opportunities of working with peers. Dance also allows you to be independent and free, making choices were you can safely explore ideas without judgement. Dance also provides an insight into the industry were you can discover professional performance repertoire both practically and as an audience member. This can involve trips to Arts establishments enriching your cultural experiences which also provides a taster of Dance beyond the classroom.

When it comes to trying new things, sometimes we can lack confidence as humans. Dance however is a subject that develops this making you open minded and resilient which is important for any career. If you’re thinking about Dance consider this, am I hard working? Do I enjoy learning new things? Do I like to work as part of a team? If so, this is definitely a subject that you will enjoy. Dance allows you to not only explore movement but the world around you through the study of different dance styles, performing to music from different cultures/eras and appreciating performances that vary in style (abstract/narrative). Dance is a subject that everyone should try at some point in their lives whether that be to just have fun or study the profession on a serious level.


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