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Why study Citizenship?

Citizenship examines how and why people take an active part in democratic politics and work together for a better society, locally, nationally and globally.

  • You will learn about power, democracy, how government works, the legal system, and the role the UK plays in the wider world.
  • You will explore and learn about different controversial and topical issues such as immigration and human rights as well as environmental and economic issues.
  • You will experience taking ‘citizenship action’ and learn from actually trying to make a difference yourself in your local community.

Studying Citizenship equips you to be able to understand how local and national governments work and what impact they have upon your life. It will then arm you with the skills and knowledge to play an active and positive role within your local community or beyond. Citizenship prepares you for being able to function and flourish in the wider world outside of school, quite simply it prepares you for life.