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Child Development

Why study Child Development?

Child Development is available as a GCSE option subject.

It was Maria Montessori that said “early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society” and by studying Child Development you will become passionate about the early education of children. This subject gives the chance to develop applied knowledge and understanding of a child's development from birth to five years old through growth and stages of development.

You will gaining technical skills through a practical introduction to the application of play opportunities for the learning and development of children in a variety of environments. Child development allows you to delve into how children learn through play and how meeting their individual needs supports their development within a practical learning setting. Communicating and expressing your knowledge and opinions effectively in a positive, encouraging atmosphere will effectively help build confidence and tolerate others views.

By studying Child Development you will be learning about common influences, which enables a real insight into all of the challenges, excitement, considerations and responsibility surrounding children’s development and how this builds through age. This permits and prepares you to enter higher education or employment within a related sector such as health and social care, primary school teaching and midwifery.

"What a child can do today with assistance, they will be able to do by themselves by tomorrow."

Lev Vygotsky

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