Thackray Museum Visit

Thackray Pic 1 Thackray Pic 3 Thackray Pic 4The History Department evacuated most of the Year 11 GCSE pupils out of school recently and into an old workhouse in Leeds. This was not some sort of exodus, but was in fact a revision trip looking at Medicine Through Time.

Pupils were able to wander through a 19th Century Street, complete with rotting animal carcases and human waste (ahem!). We could only hope the latter was replica faeces but by the faces of some of Year 11 you wouldn’t have thought so!

The pupils were also able to watch a reconstruction of surgery in the 19th Century, a particularly gruesome experience as we watched Hannah have her leg amputated, coupled with the screams and surgeons instructions. The experience has certainly reinforced the students’ prior knowledge and understanding of both public health two hundred years ago, and surgery through time.

The pupils were brilliantly behaved and were a credit to the school, they really engaged with the visit and they actively sought information and asked pertinent questions. I’m sure it will be worth it come the summer and the History exam!!