Student testimonials

Chloe Egan

“I wasn’t that bothered about university before coming to The Heath sixth form. I never thought that I would actually get in so I didn’t really try until the staff at the Heath encouraged us all to be the best we could be, now I’m very thankful as I’ve actually been able to believe in myself like the teachers believed in me. If I went to a different college I’m certain that I wouldn’t be where I am now, teachers at The Heath have known you for 7 years and sometimes know your strengths and what you’re capable of more than yourself.”


Ashleigh Evans

“My time at the Heath was extremely positive. I made amazing progress due to the help of the staff and all of my teachers. Help was always provided when I needed it and this allowed me to achieve my goals and gain a place at my first choice university. I made amazing friends and I always enjoyed lessons due to me having a great relationship with all my tutors, always being able to ask for help when needed. ”


Jamie Henry

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Heath Sixth form, the staff are extremely supportive, encouraging and friendly and I’d highly recommend studying here to anyone.’


Steven Hanaghan

‘My two years at the Heath sixth form changed me into a mature adult. If it wasn’t for the teachers acting like family and guiding me to achieve my full potential I don’t know where I would be. Being at the Heath Sixth Form stopped me from giving up a long time ago. The staff at The Heath Sixth form encouraged me all the way and made me realise that I could succeed and be anything I wanted. I would most definitely recommend the Sixth form to anyone


Sophie Forde

The Heath Sixth Form gave me belief in myself, even when I didn’t think it was possible for me to get into university the teachers made me strive for the best. The Heath is different from other sixth forms and colleges because the teachers care. They gave support for everything we needed, and the relationships you have with the staff makes it a more enjoyable place to be. Although I love university I miss The Heath sixth form and wish my lecturers were like the staff at The Heath. I am so glad I didn’t go to another college!