Subject Overview

The Heath School has a thriving Psychology Department staffed by subject specialists. Pupils can opt to take Psychology as a GCSE and have 5 hours of lessons a fortnight in year 10 and 4 hours a fortnight in year 9.   The lessons and schemes of work are based on the AQA GCSE specification which is differentiated to ensure that the course is accessible to all pupils and that they achieve their full potential. The course covers 10 different areas of psychology, with a strong emphasis on skills based learning, SEAL and Citizenship.


Key Stage 4

Courses Offered:  GCSE (Exam Board- AQA)

As Psychology is a new subject for pupils the first two terms are spent teaching pupils the skills needed in psychology, ensuring they have a good knowledge and understanding of a range of areas of psychology and have firsthand experience of designing and running their own research.   The topics studied during this time have been chosen as they link into topics which are studied in year’s 10 and 11. In term 3, year 9, pupils begin learning the topics needed for the GCSE.

The Psychology GCSE course consists of 2 units of work, each containing 5 different topics:

Unit one – Memory, Non-Verbal Communication, Development of Personality, Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination and Research Methods.

Unit Two- Learning, Social Influence, Sex and Gender, Aggression, Research Methods

Each unit is worth 50% of the final GCSE grade which is achieved by sitting two 1 ½ hour exams.  Pupils are expected to know key terms and definitions and be able to describe and evaluate specific pieces of research.  Pupils also learn how to run their own psychological experiments including all the planning, analysing results and evaluating their own work.

Year 9: Research Methods, Introduction to Psychology, Memory, Non-Verbal Communication, Development of Personality, Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination

Year 10: Learning, Social Influence, Aggression, Research Methods

Year 11: Sex and Gender, Further Research Methods, Revision

Psychology Year 9 Curriculum Overview
Psychology Year 10 Curriculum Overview
Psychology Year 11 Curriculum Overview


After school revision sessions are available throughout the year for all pupils.  There are also a range of student conferences each year which pupils can attend as appropriate.