Parking Notice from Cheshire Police


Welcome back to the new school year.

The reason I am writing to you directly is at this time of the year with new pupils starting school we start to tend to receive complaints from local residents and parents in relation to parking around the location of the school during school drop-off and collection times.

I am sure you are more than aware that parked vehicles can make it difficult for children to find safe locations with adequate visibility to cross the road. This increases the risk of accident and injury. Local officers understand the pressures many parents are under juggling the school run with other commitments but I am sure you will support us in addressing this issue.

I am keen to avoid enforcement action in your area if at all possible however it is entirely likely that we will have no option but to start issuing parking tickets should the parking become an issue and this letter be disregarded.

In the interests of providing as much help and guidance as possible to parents in advance please consider the following when parking your vehicle:

  • Do not park on yellow ‘zig-zags’
  • Do not park in designated bus stops
  • Do not obstruct residential driveways or other access to property
  • Do not park opposite or in close proximity to a junction – the Highway code recommends leaving a distance of 32 feet/10 metres, anything less than this can be seen as causing an unnecessary obstruction

I would hope that drivers will not be asking themselves “Am I risking a ticket?”, when the more important question is “Am I risking a child?”.

Thank you for your support in our efforts to ensure the safety of your child.

Kind Regards

Your Local Beat Team


Beat Manager – PC 4768 Richard Green

PCSO 21139 Colin Marples


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