Mental Health Ambassadors

A group of year 8 students recently attended the Mental Health Ambassador Training at Chesterfield High School.

Everyone has mental health but not everybody has mental health illness. It is surprising how many don’t know that. “We felt the training was an eye opener. Did you know?

  • 1 in 10 young people experience a Mental Health problem
  • Our role is to raise awareness of Mental Health problems and inform people the difference between Mental Health and Mental Health Illness.

In the future we will try to alert people with the problem and try to help people with Mental illness by


  • Removing the stigma by getting people talking about mental health and sharing their experiences
  • Raising awareness of mental health problems
  • Organising specific events & celebrate mental health awareness days
  • Promoting positive mental health in our school
  • Signpost young people to access support in your school
  • Share good news stories

Mrs Hayes