Letter to Parents – November 2014

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing to provide you with an update on the new build.  The Public Inquiry has been postponed until May/June 2015 to enable further discussions and evidence to be shared between the parties on a collaborative basis with a view to avoiding the need for a Public Inquiry if at all possible.  In this regard the HSE put on record the following statement at the recent pre-inquiry meeting:

“If proper, fit for purpose, validated, modelling shows on the site specific facts that a cautious best estimate of risk is very substantially lower than that predicted using existing models then the HSE would not want to appear at the Inquiry.”

It is the position of the School’s advisers that the risk is substantially lower than predicted by the HSE and we remain hopeful that there will be a positive resolution which will allow the planning permission to be granted and enable the construction of the School.  Whilst this is disappointing in terms of timescales it is very positive that a successful planning application will be granted in the very near future.

As the temperature drops can I remind you that ‘Hoodies’ should not be worn in school.  They are not considered to be appropriate coats as they do not offer protection against the elements and they also present a poor image of our students to the local community and we are very proud of our excellent reputation, which we have all worked hard to establish and maintain.

I would like to give you advance notice that as of Monday, 5th January 2015 I am implementing a No Aerosol Policy in school.  You may or may not be aware that 1 in 10 people has asthma and the chemicals in an aerosol if inhaled can trigger asthma symptoms and a possible attack.  It is with this in mind, and to keep both students and staff as safe as possible, that I am taking this action.  There are many alternatives to aerosol sprays that can be used.  Any student using an aerosol spray will have it confiscated and receive an appropriate sanction.

I would also like to remind you that energy drinks are not allowed in school; thank you for your co-operation with this.  I am, however, concerned that there has been an increase in Lucozade consumption and I will be reviewing the situation over the coming half term.  If the situation doesn’t improve then we may have to consider that only water may be consumed (unless Lucozade is required for health reasons and stored in reception).

The school’s production this Christmas will be ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ with performances being held on the evenings of 10th, 11th and 12th December 2014 and students will be advised when tickets go on sale.

The Governing Body has a vacancy for a Community Governor; if you have time and commitment to spare; an interest in the performance of the school and a desire to contribute to the Governing Body then please email the Clerk to Governors, Marie Wadsworth mwadsworth@heathschool.org.uk to obtain an application form and further details.

If you get any of the following support payments your child may be entitled to receive free school meals.

  • Income Support
  • income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • the guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
  • Working Tax Credit run-on – paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit

Children who get any of the above benefits in their own right (i.e. they get benefits payments directly, instead of through a parent or guardian) can also get free school meals.

When you complete a Housing/Council Tax Benefit form for Halton Borough Council, this automatically entitles your child(ren) to receive free school meals as long as you indicate on the form that you wish your child(ren) to receive Free School Meals. The child(ren) will remain eligible for the period that you are entitled to receive Housing/Council Tax Benefit. The Pupil Premium will apply for the six years following the application.

For a small number of parents in receipt of Child Tax Credit, they will be required to complete a free school meal application form.

We encourage you at The Heath to ensure that if your son/daughter does qualify for Free School Meals that you ensure that you (a)apply for Free School Meals and (b) leave the box “If you do not wish to be considered for free school meals please tick box” unticked.

If your son/daughter is entitled to free School Meals it is essential that you apply for them and preferably before January, this will ensure that any Pupil Premium Support can be allocated to the school as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

J Jardine