Inclusion Quality Mark assessment

The Heath was recently assessed to review the Flagship status it holds for the Inclusion Quality Mark.  The conclusion of the report stated that The Heath should be re-awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark for a further three years and that the Flagship status given to The Heath for it’s many areas of best practice be re-awarded for a further year.  The Heath are extremely proud of their work in creating an inclusive ethos so that every student has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Here is a taste of what the assessor had to say about the school.

“…the truly inclusive ethos and culture that is embedded in everything the school and its staff do, is ingrained in its structure and is very tangible to all who visit the school. 

“Students are valued for who they are and what they will become. The staff at all levels are very positive about the school and go the extra mile and beyond to ensure that the pupil’s needs are met.”

“There is a fantastic quality of support, care and nurture that is continually evolving to further enhance provision at the school, as highlighted by the school’s core values of CARE, Co-operation, Aspiration, Resilience, Excellence that is at the heart of everything the school does.”

“The outstanding level of achievement and progress is reflected in this extremely caring and inclusive ethos evident at The Heath School.”

“Parental involvement is welcomed and the staff work hard to include everyone.”

“Additionally, the school continues to innovate and seek new solutions to the challenges that are faced in achieving the goal of enabling all students to succeed whatever their starting point.”