Subject Overview

The history department develops the skills students need to become fine historians who value their own history and the histories of other cultures.

History seeks to develop skills where students can describe past events and significant changes, use interpretation skills so they can look beyond surface information and recognise different interpretations will come from different people depending on their individual perspectives.

The history curriculum develops student’s personal, learning and thinking skills so that they become lifelong learners, can take responsibility for their own future development and contribute fully to their community. They recognise their own rights and responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of their fellow students.

The programs of study delivered cover a broad range of historical subject matter that is designed to develop both historical and personal learning thinking skills whilst also enable our students to see how society has developed, changed and evolved over time.  The curriculum deals with not only powerful historical figures but also the lives of ordinary people including workers, women, children and other diverse facets of our society and other societies.



Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 – History

Year 7 Term 1
  • The Battle of Hastings
  • How William Kept control of England
Term 2
  • How people were treated in Medieval England or        Religion in Medieval times
  • The Black Death and The Peasants Revolt
Term 3
  • Significance of the Tudor monarchs


Year 8 Term 1
  • Children in the factories
  • Trench warfare
Term 2
  • The Causes of World War II
  • The Holocaust
Term 3
  • Life on the Home Front
  • Independent research project

History Year 7 Curriculum Overview
History Year 8 Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 – OCR GCSE History A (Schools History Project) J415

  • Yr 9: The American West

The American West – An in depth study looking at the struggle for the plains and the settlement of the West.

  • Yr 10: Medicine through time

Medicine Through Time – A long term study looking at the development of medicine from prehistoric times to today.

  • Yr 11: Controlled assessment Conwy Castle (Autumn      term)

Conwy Castle – Pupils visit Conwy Castle to support the controlled assessment element of the GCSE course.

  • Year 11: Revision of Medicine Through Time and the      American West (Spring and Summer Terms)

History Year 9 Curriculum Overview
History Year 10 Curriculum Overview
History Year 11 Curriculum Overview


Educational visits

  • Conwy Castle Visit – History Yr 11 pupils attend Conwy Castle to collect evidence and support the controlled assessment element of the GCSE on 10th & 11th Oct 2012.
  • Thackray Museum – History Yr 11 pupils attend the Thackray museum for revision of the Medicine through time element of the GCSE course on 8th Feb 2013.
  • Style Mill – History year 8, trip to Style Mill to develop understanding of Industrial factories – 16th & 17th Oct 2012

After school/ lunchtime activities

  • Revision Classes – Revision classes are offered for GCSE History on  Thursdays 3.10-4.10 during the summer term.
  • Mock Trial Competition – Magistrates Court Mock Trial Event organised by the Citizenship Foundation. It Introduces pupils to the British legal system in an active way. There are local heats where pupils take on roles of lawyers, witnesses etc within a Magistrate’s Court and compete against other schools in a Mock Trial. We have formed a link with Martin and Co. Solicitors, Manchester who will provide support, electronically in the first instance, to the pupils who enter. The event is open to pupils in Yrs7 & 8 with a older pupils taking a leadership support role