Geography Field Trip

Geography Field Trip The Heath SchoolOur Y11 Geographers went to Frodsham on market day to investigate the extent to which shoppers buy local.

They conducted land use survey maps to find out what goods and services people can access in Frodsham as well as recording whether the shops were locally owned or part of a national chain. They also recorded the types and number of market stalls.

Questionnaires were conducted with both shoppers and shop owners to discover their views on buying local and what locally sourced items they bought.

During analysis, our students will need to assess the impact buying local or not has on the environment, both in Frodsham but also on a global scale. The issue of food miles needs to be examined in detail and written about.

The weather was pre-ordered to be fine and sunny and this helped with the excellent work completed out in the field. Our students were a credit to the school and several people commented on the excellent polite behaviour and smart appearance of our Heath students. Well done Year 11! n

Thanks to Mrs Hignett, Mr Brinkley and Mr Barlow (who drove the minibus!).

Their second piece of controlled assessment work centres on the use of mobile phones and the impact they have on people both in the UK and around the world. This is similar to last year’s work when the students learnt about coltan, a mineral essential for mobile phones, which is mainly only found in a part of Africa where there are ongoing conflicts about who controls and ultimately profits from this rare mineral.