Enrichment, trips and visits

During your time at the Heath Sixth form Centre you will have the opportunity to take part in a number of different enrichment activities. These will add to the enjoyment of your studies and prepare you for further success by giving you additional opportunities and strengthening applications for university and apprenticeships.

Possible enrichment opportunities for 2018

Peer Mentor Programme

This programme enables you to work as a young leader helping younger children to develop their skills and confidence in learning. By taking part in this programme you are developing your leadership skills, communication and presentation skills as well as your confidence in a supportive environment.


Weekly Work placements in a career area of your choice

This is the opportunity to gain work experience in a career you are interested in. You will be given time to attend a work placement on a weekly or fortnightly basis allowing you to develop your skills towards a career you would like to pursue gaining employability skills along the way.

Please note if you are studying BTEC Level 3 Child Development this is a requirement of the course.



Working within the community on charity events


During your time at The Heath Sixth Form you will have the opportunity to work within the community planning charity events and raising awareness of the charities that are working within the local area. The Heath School pride themselves in helping to make a real difference to the local community and in the past have worked with Halton Haven, Halton Men’s Shed and Reach Sled Dogs

University of Liverpool Scholarship Programme

The Liverpool Scholars programme offers Year 12 students the chance to take part in a range of activities aimed at supporting their entry into higher education and preparing them for university, such as application guidance masterclasses, lectures and academic key skills workshops. These activities are delivered in partnership with academics, undergraduates and the wider University, culminating in Scholars completing an academic assignment.

The Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is it a fantastic opportunity to experience university-style study and expand your knowledge in an area of interest.

The EPQ allows each student to embark on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project. It can be a great asset to your UCAS application too, especially if you’re applying to a competitive course or university, and need everything you can to stand out. Students must choose a topic, plan, research and develop their idea and decide on their finished product.




Sixth Form trips

The Heath sixth form believe the best way to prepare students for life in the wider world is to get them out there. The Year 12 and 13 pupils have a wide range of opportunities open to them from course related trips and this year the students have visited the law courts, local universities, Christmas shopping in Manchester and taken part in many team building activities.

In 2018 we are planning even more opportunities to take part in exciting and varied trips including some residential. So you can get out of the classroom and develop your learning through more interactive means.


As Part of our information advice and guidance at The Heath Sixth Form we also offer the opportunity to take part in sessions supporting you with:

Study Skills

UCAS and Apprenticeship Fair

UCAS and Apprenticeship application support

Employability Skills

University Visits

University and apprenticeship preparation

Health and wellbeing sessions