Democracy and Participation Award

IMG_0049 (Medium)The Heath has recently received a Democracy & Participation Award, at  GOLD Level for work encouraging community participation. 

To help increase participation within the Borough Halton Youth Cabinet began working on a Democracy & Participation Award with the main aim of increasing the awareness of the Halton Democratic system to the young people of Halton, and to get young people more involved within this system and other things within the Borough.

Halton Youth Cabinet hope that the award with allow them to gather members from a wide walk of life and political views. They also hope that it will:

  • Increase the number of 16 year olds registering to vote
  • Increase the quality of education on parliamentary activites
  • Ensure that young people can take full advantage of what is on offer for them within the Borough
  • Allow more young people to take part in other forums like the INVOLVE Participation Group
  • Ensure that a greater number of young people take part in Make Your Mark, the annual ballot of the issues most important to young people.
  • Encourage recycling and reuse of old uniform