D of E expeditions

The D of E Expedition Season is now underway with both Bronze and Silver groups having completed their day walks in the Cheshire countryside.


The Bronze Day walk is an introduction to the Expedition section, putting our training programme into practice in the open countryside. For many of our Bronze participants this is their first experience of hiking, especially with a large rucksack and new walking boots, it becomes equally about fitting and checking out kit than using the new skills learnt.

The primary aims of the day walk are team building and navigation, with each of our Supervisors walking with their group, encouraging every participant to get involved and take a role within the team. We discovered many excellent map readers, who supported those that maybe didn’t have the confidence to navigate, helping them when necessary.

This was a very successful start to the Expedition Section for the Bronze group; they even enjoyed the rare luxury of good weather. The skills learnt during this day will now be focused and worked upon during their Practice Expedition in the North Wales countryside on the 18th and 19th May where they will camp overnight and be totally self sufficient for the 2 days. Their Assessment expedition will take place over the weekend of the 15th and 16th June where they will be tested against the 20 conditions of the Expedition Section.


The Silver day walk took place on the 21st April, and its aim is to introduce the students to the Expedition Section at the more advanced Silver level of The Award.

Like the Bronze Day walk, the primary aims are team building and advanced navigation in preparation for the practice and assessment expeditions.

The Silver expeditions will take place in The Peak District and will see the students walking in both the Dark and White Peaks.

They will complete a Practice Expedition on the 10th and 11th May, walking in the area surrounding the Ladybower Reservoir and taking in a bird’s eye view of The Hope Valley from the heights of Win Hill. They will be able to appreciate the grit stone landscape of the Dark Peaks and the effects that tourism and industry have had on the area.

For the Assessment Expedition they will spend 3 days and 2 nights hiking from Bakewell to Castleton, camping on 2 different camp sites along their route, totally self sufficient and carrying all that they need for these days between the team. They will have the contrast of walking along part of the recently developed Monsal Trail in the Limestone landscape of the White Peaks and the popular Stanage Edge with its breathtaking scenery in The Dark Peaks. Again the Silver group will be assessed on meeting the 20 conditions of the Expedition Section of The Award.