Centre for Student Intervention

The Heath’s Centre for Student Intervention (CSI)

The Centre for Student Intervention encompasses the work of a number of highly effective practitioners including the SENDCO, Inclusion Officer, Learning Support and Dyslexia Specialist teachers, a team of experienced Teaching Assistants, a Behaviour Team, Academic Learning Mentors and trained Counsellors. Together the team meets the needs of students in dealing with barriers to success, be they learning, behavioural or emotional.

The CSI team encompasses an in-house mental health and case management team  and works in partnership with parents and multiple agencies including Educational Psychologist, Social Care, Education Welfare, the IWST team, CAMHS, LA Specialists for a variety of need including ASD, Speech & Language, Visual Impairment, Hearing impairment and many more. The completion of ILPs, IBPs, PSPs and CAFs, as well as responsibility for Child Protection referrals form part of the integrated working promoted through the CSI.

At present the CSI area consists of a suite of rooms offering a multi-functional support area with an emphasis on learning. All these rooms are well-furnished and resourced and provide students with a comfortable and appropriate learning environment. Opportunities for curriculum intervention, academic tutorials, key skills intervention, Dyslexia support, personalised learning programmes, ICT support, homework support, Early Bird and After-School enhanced learning are available.  In addition, opportunities and programmes for individual and small group intervention to support the emotional health and well-being of our students are available.

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