Calling all Year 11s! Presenting to you…

…your Heath School Class of 2020 Leaver’s Video! For the first year ever, we’re going public!

We’ve done a Leaver’s Video every year for getting close to a decade now and the ideas for it get more crazy each time. We’ve recreated the video for Uptown Funk, bounced down the corridors to Is This the Way to Amarillo?, made a full mockumentary episode of Educating Runcorn, held a moshpit on the school bus, dressed up as various incarnations of Freddie Mercury for a video to I Want to Break Free, performed all the Fortnite dances and let the Year 11s in on all the ‘secrets’ as to why they can’t use the school lift.

This year, of course, it seemed at first like there wouldn’t be a Leaver’s Video but we quickly realised that out of all of our usual celebrations, this was the one thing we could actually pull off and be able to deliver at the right time. So, once again, the staff pooled all their talents and, for the first time ever, performed a whole song (including singing it) and here it is!

We hope that this video shows our Class of 2020 how aware we are of how much they’ve had to sacrifice over the last few months and how much we wish they could have had the farewell we had planned.

Enjoy and we hope to see you all soon for proper goodbyes.