Art and Design

Art and Design is part of the Heath School Visual and Performing Arts Faculty.

Subject Overview

We believe that the wider world and society benefits from a creative education. Art education promotes a wide range of benefits that come from both practising art and from learning about art. Art promotes creative and visual thinking. We believe that Art helps our students take their experiences of the world and transform them through art, making new connections through their inventive imaginations. Making art allows students to express their feelings and emotions, especially since imagination can be fed by our memories and experiences. Self-expression can often be a therapeutic exercise, and making art can promote mindfulness, reducing anxiety and stress. Visual thinking encourages students to understand the world through images, instead of just words and numbers, and it is important across many subjects. Observational skills are developed by studying Art, through drawing and photography. We teach our students how to look closely, and what to look for, by focussing in on areas of tone, texture, shape, pattern, line and colour. Art promotes problem solving and analytical skills, enabling students to explore and test out their ideas. Students have to make decisions, give their own opinions and make judgements about their own art and the art of others. Our students are taught that they will make progress in Art by putting in effort, concentration and perseverance. Students who participate in Art can build their self-esteem and confidence. Art has the power to enrich our lives as an enjoyable, rewarding experience to be celebrated. Art projects allow skills to be developed in painting, drawing, 3D construction, card sculpture, and printing.


Year 7 Art & Design Curriculum Overview

Year 8 Art & Design Curriculum Overview


Year 9 Art & Design Curriculum Overview

Year 10 Art & Design Curriculum Overview


Every year the Art department works collaboratively with the Visual and Performing Arts staff and studnets on the whole school production. We design, create and produce all the scenery, sets, props and also decorate the entrance hall. Past shows have included The Little Shop of Horrors, Oliver, Bugsy, Grease, and The Sound of Music. This year we are excited to be working on the musical “Annie”. Our Year 9 GCSE artists and Year 8 will be working on this. The Art department take a lead role in every Learn for Life days including Great Britain, RS Global day and Literacy exploring book covers. We run KS3 Art Club and after school and holiday revision sessions and take part every year in Liverpool schools “dot-art competition”.with an exhibition in Liverpool Walker Art Gallery and St.Georges Hall and LMJU.

Exploring The Heath is an art blog about our work to discover the history behind our school badge, you can find out more here: