DEC – Design Engineer Construct

Design, Engineer, Construct!® offers a new and innovative project based approach to learning that is both challenging and rewarding.

By working their way through an online workbook, learners develop knowledge and skills by undertaking a sustainable building project and, through the complementary workshops, have guaranteed face to face engagement with industry professionals.

There are many opportunities for cross curricular learning including explicit opportunities for Maths, English and Science as well as for other aspects of the wider curriculum such as Citizenship and PHSE.

Young people are encouraged to adopt a professional attitude throughout the programme through the embedding of a wide range of employability skills.

Pupils will also have the opportunity to work compete in competitions with pupils from around the country on live projects.

During the level 1 at Year 9 pupils will work their way through the design process to make an eco classroom for the school. They will look into the needs of the school and the wider community and ensure the building is sustainable.

During Year 10 & 11, pupils will be working towards their level 2 award where they will design and model a building of their choice. This part of the course is really where pupils can demonstrate their creativity.