Physical Education

The PE curriculum has been planned with the departmental vision in mind; ‘Enjoyment, Engagement, Excellence’. The PE curriculum allows students to have ‘the best possible chance in life’ through its depth, richness and many transcendent moments.

At KS3 the focus is on high quality Physical Education that develops young people’s confidence, emotional wellbeing, physical health and life skills. Physical Education at The Heath is a vehicle through which a joy of movement is established, leadership skills are developed and a love for sport and physical activity is fostered.

At KS4 students have the opportunity to opt for an examination course in Sports Science. This course is designed so students can write assignments based on how the body works during exercise and how sport and physical activity promote health. This KS4 course builds upon the fundamental skills learnt at KS3 and gives students a greater depth and understanding of the Principles of Training, reducing the risk of injury, sports nutrition and the body’s response to training.

The rational for the subject is extended beyond the curriculum, where students are encouraged to pursue excellence in performance, engage in competition and experience new activities.

The department is currently a Silver kite mark school (recognised by the Youth Sports Trust) for its commitment and dedication to extra curricular clubs.

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The ethos of the Physical Education department is based upon our vision, which states ‘Enjoyment | Engagement | Excellence’. This ethos permeates all aspects of the curricular and extracurricular programme as we strive to provide both stimulating and enjoyable lessons in which every student is able to achieve their full potential.


The department seeks to achieve the following aims in order to deliver high quality provision for all learners.

  • To motivate and enthuse students so that they enjoy participating in Physical Education and school sport;
  • To ensure that students understand the role that Physical Education can play as part of a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • To extend students knowledge and understanding through the delivery of appropriate examination courses and qualifications;
  • To deliver an extensive extracurricular programme which will enable all students to increase their levels of participation in a range of sports as well as providing numerous competitive activities;


The department delivers a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Physical Education Curriculum Overview

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