Subject Overview

Studying a Modern Foreign Language is compulsory for all of our Key Stage 3 students. In year 7, our students are placed in either X band or Y band. Y band study French and students may continue to study the language for GCSE. Students in X band in year 7 have the option of studying French after school. Studying a language at GCSE is compulsory for those students who are studying for the English Baccalaureate in Key Stage 4. Our Key Stage 4 students undertake a 3 year course, starting in year 9. They complete controlled assessments in speaking and writing, and exams at the end of year 11 in listening and reading.

Studying a language can be an enjoyable and rewarding subject for all of our students at The Heath. We encourage all students to participate in language studies as the skill can be developed in later life, and can complement many other curriculum subjects; English language and literature, the humanities subjects, the arts, and STEM subjects. With employers stating that language skills are highly sought after, we endeavour to provide our students with a life skill that will enable them to fulfil their full potential beyond their life at The Heath.


Key Stage 3

Year 7: the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are taught through the following topics:

Bonjour – introducing myself and others

Ma Famille – talking about my friends and family

Au Marché – buying fruit+ veg; colours, quantities and formal dialogues

Au Collège – school life and extended opinions

Au Café – food and drink

Grammar content in year 7 includes nouns and genders, the Present and Future tenses, adjectives and agreement, connectives, basic word order, opinions.

Our year 7 course aims to encourage beginners to develop an interest in the French language and culture. Much of our course develops transferrable skills. We encourage our students to develop communication skills, and place much emphasis on the skill of speaking.

Year 8 : the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are taught through the following topics:

Mes Passe-temps : hobbies, phrases of time and extended opinions

Ma Ville : places in town, detailed directions, describing your town and inventing a new one

Mes Copains : describing friends and family

Chez Moi : describing where you live, starting with the Solar System and working in


Grammar content in Yr 8 reinforces the areas covered in Yr 7, putting greater emphasis on written linguistic accuracy and a deeper knowledge and understanding of the language. This includes Present, Future and Past tenses, adjectival agreements, greater variety of modifiers and connectives and building more complex sentences and extended paragraphs.

French yr7 Curriculum Overview
French yr8 Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 course aims to build on language knowledge gained in Key Stage 3. The course is compulsory for approximately half of students who studied French in KS3.

In Year 9 the students are following a course which will prepare them for the new GCSE. Students are assessed in each skill in the final year of the course and entered for foundation or higher tier.

In Years 10 and 11 the WJEC board is followed; students are entered for either higher or foundation tier at the end of year 11 in the 4 skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students may be entered for a combination of these skills, depending on where their strengths lie. The course is broken down as follows, with controlled assessments taking place in years 10 and 11.

Year 9:

Ma Vie – personal information and family

Ma Ville – describing where I live

Au Collège – school, careers and future plans

La Santé – food, drink and keeping healthy

Year 10:

En Vacances – holidays

Au Collège – school, careers and future plans

Mon meilleur copain : description of best friend and relationships

Year 11:

Extra topics – completion of remaining topic areas prior to listening and reading exams

Parental Info Yr 9 French

Parental Info Yr 10 French

Parental Info Yr 11 French


Monday after school: Year 7 – after school French lessons for those students who are studying Spanish as part of their regular timetable

Year 7 – after school homework support

Thursdays after school: Year 10/11 – after school support for controlled assessment speaking and writing

Foreign language assistant supports all Key Stage 4 classes