Subject Overview

All pupils studying art have an inclusive, broad and balanced art curriculum catering for gender and ensure progress across all ability ranges. Projects allow skills to be developed in Painting and drawing, 3d construction card sculpture, printing. Pupils are given a new sketchbook and use a variety of drawing and painting media over both key stages.  All staff are art specialists.


Key Stage 3

Year 7:foundation course featuring projects Bugs Life, Still Life Colour & Pattern, Masks

Year 8: foundation course featuring projects Portraits, Landscapes, Aboriginal art, Urban art

Art Year 7 Curriculum Overview
Art Year 8 Curriculum Overview

Key Stage 4

Courses Offered: AQA Fine Art GCSE 60 % unit 1 coursework and 40% unit 2 timed test.

Year 9: Set design Wizard of Oz, African art, Bugs

Year 10: Steampunk, Circus, Bugs

Year 11: Circus, choose one title for 10 hours MOCK timed test Dreams & Nightmares , Urban Culture, Portraits, Tropical World

Art Year 9 Curriculum Overview
Art Year 11 Curriculum Overview

Enrichment :

Commissions for Heath Business Park, KS3 Art Club , Inspired Responses at the Brindley, Collaboration with Performing Arts team working on the Whole school production set design and painting scenery making props, Gallery visit.

Exploring The Heath is an art blog about our work to discover the history behind our school badge, you can find out more here: